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Help Paris & Max get all of the Paradise gems and overthrow an evil tyrant! Arrange falling gems into lines & patterns to clear them away.

You’ve got to have to be quick on your feet in this game, but don’t lose your cool! Plan ahead and get a ridiculous score, or react at lightening speeds to reach the goal.

Such a simple game to learn, yet the challenge never dies. With several game modes and difficulties, there’s something for everyone.

Panic Gem Odyssey® ©KaPa ENT LLC 2024. All Rights Reserved.

Panic Gem Odyssey® is a free upgrade to the critically acclaimed 2016 mobile puzzle game, Gemanator™: Shirlanka Paradise!

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Accessible yet Deep Scoring. The faster you clear gems, the more points you get!

Several Game Modes & Three Difficulties to match every skill level and playstyle.

Over 100 Puzzles in Trials Mode

Unlock lots of bonus content, including music, artwork, and more!!

Beautiful Graphics & One of the best Soundtracks from a mobile game anywhere!!


How To Gameplay


Panic Gem Odyssey is not a tough game to figure out.

You play the game on the playfield. Gems fall from the top of the playfield. Once they land, you can shift them left and right.

Tip: You can tap falling gems to make them land instantly, but you don’t have to.


Your goal is simple: clear gems away. You clear gems by lining up 4 or more of them into a horizontal/vertical line, arranging 4 or more gems into a square, or lining up at least 5 gems into two intersecting lines of three. Keep clearing gems away to stay in the game. But, if every space on the playfield is filled for at least 3 seconds, you lose. Pretty simple, right??


Tip: There is no limit to how many gems you can clear at once if you have the right arrangement!

Here’s the thing: the more you play, the faster the gems fall. You gotta keep clearing those gems away, or else the playfield will be filled in no time. On top of that, you have Abstract Gems. These gems don’t follow the rules that the other gems do. All of this means Panic Gem Odyssey is super easy to get into but has an endless skill ceiling!

Tip: Learn how to use Abstract Gems. Getting creative with them can really help you in a pinch.


Remember that endless skill ceiling we mentioned earlier? How do you actually show off your expertise? By trying to get the highest score you can. For the most part, you are rewarded for two things: Using Good Intuition & Strategy. If you use these during your game, you’ll be surprised how well you just may do!

Tip: Different modes have different objectives & altered scoring systems.

There are two main scoring mechanics here:

The first is the Combo system. It is much easier to get down. Clear gems as quickly as possible one after the other. The more gems you clear, the higher your combo gets. There is a bar at the bottom of the playfield that lets you know how much time you have to keep the combo going. The higher your combo is, the less time you have to get another clear. Once the time ends, your combo is over. The higher a gem clear is in a combo, the more points you get for clearing those gems.

The second system is the Rave system. Raves can be looked at as special combos. Instead of quickly clearing gems, you arrange gems in such a way that one gem clear leads into another. As simple as this sounds, they take some planning and strategy to set up. But the reward is massive. Setting up a good Rave can in some cases double your score.

Game Modes

Try to clear all 50 levels. This mode has two leaderboards: One for getting the best score & the second for getting the fastest clear time. Paris and Max will talk about the story a bit from time to time.


Get the highest score you can in 5 minutes


You have an objective & all the gems you’ll need to reach it. There are over 100 puzzles, each with a regular & an advanced objective. This mode is slower in pace, so you can take your time to figure things out more.


NOT FOR NOVICES. Nightmare Mode pushes you to clear each level before time ends. Failing to clear the level is an automatic game over. Nightmare Mode also starts out pretty fast.


Alter the game settings how you like. Pick a difficulty, level, gem fall speed, and more. Play for as long as you like. Great for practice or as a Zen mode.


There are no gems. Instead, you have nothing but Colored Nitros. Line them up to get extremely long chains. Great for beginners who want slightly less challenge and more FLASH!


The Lights Are OUT!! Only certain gems give light. Use a bit more strategy, and even memory, to try and figure out where gems are hiding.


You’re given a straightforward Mission. You have a limited amount of time to do each Mission, or else you’ll lose a life. Clear as many Missions as fast as you can to win the game.

Clear gems to fill a constantly draining Hyper Gauge. Once it’s filled, you enter HYPER STATE, where everything is more hectic. Now create & clear Hyper gems before HYPER STATE ends. Clear at least 10 Hyper Gems before Level 30 to win!


There is no score in this mode – only a grade. If you don’t clear the mode within 600 seconds with at least a C grade, you fail. This mode is not for everybody, but only for those who want an extreme challenge.



Escape from Paradise

A Message From The Queen –

Many millennia ago, the ancient HuMans ruled an empire spanning many worlds. Our empire was strong until the AliMan grew envious of our success. They attacked every city on our planet, until only our city remained.

My husband King MelekiYah made a degree: I, Queen T’enikara, take the citizens of our city to another world and he would defend the nation from the invaders. He gave me all the Paradise Gems he could and with these powerful batteries, we could rebuild, utilize our technology, and preserve our way of life. It was hard for us to part ways, but I listened to him, and we set sail through the cosmos.

We landed on this new world, Earth, making it as close to Paradise as we could. Yet the unpredictable weather and rugged terrain prevented us from truly calling this chaotic place home. Then the enemy found us. Worst yet, they had stolen our technology and were using it against us. The battle was fierce, but because we had the gems, we were able to barely defeat them. Our gem count was limited, so I ordered that we learn to live a modest life without them.

I hid the gems in every strange place I could think of, only to be used when our adversaries returned. When the Aliman returns, and they will, find the gems and use them in your battles.

May you be blessed for many generations to come.

Your Queen, T’enikara. Penned By Hopi the Scribe.

Max and Paris

Paris and Max: two ordinary teens forced into extraordinary lives. Born Yenigisiti Liji, she is my direct descendant, making her heir to the most ancient kingdom on Earth.

Max on the other hand, was born to wealthy parents under the dictatorship of Ganda. When Yenigisiti was six, a yearly festival was held in her nation. On this day, Ganda invaded her country, destroying everything and almost everyone. The elders hid her, but a few days passed, and no one came to rescue her. So she ran away and hid in the forest for six months. One day, energetic young Max decided to play in that same forest

As Paris was keeping herself warm by a fire, Max tripped over a log right beside her. Max took the girl to his parents, who loved her and adopted her as their own. Her name was unpronounceable to them, and so they renamed her Paris. Ganda, not knowing her by this new name, approved the adoption without ever laying eyes on her. From that day forwards, Max and Paris grew up as brother and sister; sometimes being best friends, and other times getting on each other’s nerves.

But now, Ganda knows EXACTLY who she is. Fearing for her life, her parents told Paris to escape. And so, Paris is back on the run. But now she has her older brother Max with her. And together they make an unstoppable team… well, nearly unstoppable.

The Story Begins

Running from an evil tyrant who has almost total control of everything is not easy. Paris and Max had to stay on the move to evade Ganda, but they needed a place to stay for a while. They decided to get food in Neo Babylus.

As Max piled up his plate, a camera caught them eating. The military was immediately dispatched and the two had to flee. They ran with everything they had: hopping onto hovercars, dodging fire, and jumping from buildings. When they finally made it to ground level, they ran into the trees, hoping to use the bushes as hiding places. Then a miracle happened. Max tripped over a crystal-like red rock, causing it to pop up out of the ground. Paris turned to help Max, then she realized what he had fallen over: a Paradise gem. Suddenly a soldier cornered them. Max quickly threw the gem at the soldier, causing it to explode.

So massive was this explosion that the military assumed that the two teens were dead. That night, Paris couldn’t sleep. She remembered hearing about the Paradise gems as a kid, but could they really be hidden here? She woke Max up, and the two searched the area for more gems. And they found lots of them.

They took what they could and decided to grab more in the morning. But when they got there the next day, Ganda already had people there digging out the gems. Paris knew that if Ganda managed to get the gems, he would be almost unstoppable. She knew that they had to find the rest of them before he did. And this… is where our story begins.



Paris Yenigisiti Liji

Age: 13

Skills: Reading documents from the Ancient HuMans, Traditional Dances, Sarcasm, Planning

Likes: Tradition, history, cooking, taking pictures

Dislikes: Ganda, crowds, candy, guns

Brief History: Born Yenigisiti Liji, she was adopted by Max’s parents and named Paris by them when she was six. Years later, Ganda told her parents that they had to give up Paris to him.

That night, Max and Paris ran away. The two have been wanted criminals ever since. When Paris realized that there were Paradise Gems still around, she came up with a plan to gather them all and overthrow Ganda.

Max Melo

Age: 15

Skills: Handy-work, Sports, Memory, Thinking on the fly, Annoying Paris.

Likes: Fried food, baked food, grilled food, taking pictures.

Dislikes: Being in unfamiliar territory, nasty food, roller coasters.

Brief History: Max Melo was born in a family that was relatively privileged compared to the rest of society.

He found Paris alone in the woods at age 7 and took her to his parents. They adopted the girl and the two became best friends not long after.

Max originally always thought his sister was crazy for believing in those old Ancient HuMan myths, but when Ganda ordered his parents to give Paris to him, he decided to trust his crazy sister.

King MelekiYah

Age: Dead (died at 58)

Skills: Warfare, Leadership, Planning

Likes: His wife, his city, Planet Paradise

Dislikes: The AliMan, being away from his wife

Brief History: King MelekiYah was King of one of the most powerful city states on Planet Paradise. He ruled with justice and fairness.

But, as fate would have it, Planet Paradise was conquered by slowly by another species, forcing HuMans to leave the planet.

He sent his wife to another planet, and defended Planet Paradise to the best of his ability but was overpowered.

Queen T’enikara

Age: Dead (died at 274… yes, 274 years old)

Skills: Wisdom, Leadership, Record Keeping

Likes: Her husband, the citizens

Dislikes: The AliMan

Brief History: Queen T’enikara was King MelekiYah’s wife. When Planet Paradise was conquered, King MelekiYah sent her away with several citizens to Earth where they were to repopulate, grow stronger, and when the time was right, return to their rightful homeland: Planet Paradise.

All they had to do was wait for King MelekiYah’s signal to return, but alas, the signal never came. Paris claims T’enikara to be her ancestor.


Age: Unknown

Skills: Strategy, Planning, Thinking on the fly, Psychological Warfare, Leadership

Likes: Himself, control, grape juice, money

Dislikes: Weak HuMans, Disobedience

Brief History: Not much is known about Ganda. He seemed to come out of nowhere years ago as a business tycoon.

He created his own corporation, and soon used debt to conquer most of the world. But his tyrannical and controlling ways lead to many rebellions.

As a result, he now is in search of total control and power of the HuMan race.