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KaPa ENT LLC, founded in 2017 by Kaleb Parham, emerged from his long-standing passion for game development. For years, Kaleb had been crafting games for the sheer joy of it. In 2016, after the release of his last game, after he released his last game, he began noticing some notable trends in the gaming world.

While blockbuster games offered extraordinary experiences, they often clung to the same game formula. At the same time, game genres like beat-em-ups, shmups, and puzzles were fading away, reminiscent of their arcade heydays but struggling to adapt to the modern gaming landscape.

Kaleb also couldn’t help but notice the underrepresentation of black main characters in video games. Only a few games boasted predominantly black casts, and most of them were relics from the mid-2000s.

Furthermore, when games did introduce black characters, they often resorted to stereotypes or incorporated them for political reasons. There were very few that didn’t fit into these established molds.

KaPa ENT steps into this gaming landscape to breathe new life into neglected genres and to shine a spotlight on games with predominantly black characters. Every game we create focuses on either one of these aspects or both, promising a fresh, distinct gaming experience.”

Mission Statement

At KaPa ENT LLC, we’re passionate about making exceptional games for players who just can’tfind their niche. We are dedicated to erasing the limitations of what a modern video game can be & who can be in it. Our mission is to leave a strong imprint on the gaming medium, through creativity & integrity.

Vision Statement

By fearlessly disrupting genre & character expectations, we at KaPa ENT aim to be cherished by gamers everywhere. We see a world KaPa ENT contributes to a community of passionate players; a community where gaming brings people together for meaningful connections.

Our Founder & Developer
Kaleb PArham

Kaleb Parham is the head of KaPa ENT LLC. He is a self-taught game designer & programmer. His love of games started when he first saw Sonic CD at a friend’s birthday party. He started teaching himself to program when he was in the 8th grade. His first game, Lone Soldier, is lost to time.

Outside of running KaPa ENT LLC & making games, Kaleb is a fighting game enthusiast, a 2nd-degree black belt in Shorin-ryu Karate, & a student of תנ״ך & יְהוֹשֻׁעַ.He has a passion for building healthy communities, financial literacy, Middle Eastern & African history, stand-up comedy & delicious food.


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