Paris Yenigisiti Liji

Age: 13

Skills: Reading documents from the Ancient HuMans, Traditional Dances, Sarcasm, Planning

Likes: Tradition, history, cooking, taking pictures

Dislikes: Ganda, crowds, candy, guns

Brief History: Born Yenigisiti Liji, she was adopted by Max’s parents and named Paris by them when she was six. Years later, Ganda told her parents that they had to give up Paris to him.

That night, Max and Paris ran away. The two have been wanted criminals ever since. When Paris realized that there were Paradise Gems still around, she came up with a plan to gather them all and overthrow Ganda.

Max Melo

Age: 15

Skills: Handy-work, Sports, Memory, Thinking on the fly, Annoying Paris.

Likes: Fried food, baked food, grilled food, taking pictures.

Dislikes: Being in unfamiliar territory, nasty food, roller coasters.

Brief History: Max Melo was born in a family that was relatively privileged compared to the rest of society.

He found Paris alone in the woods at age 7 and took her to his parents. They adopted the girl and the two became best friends not long after.

Max originally always thought his sister was crazy for believing in those old Ancient HuMan myths, but when Ganda ordered his parents to give Paris to him, he decided to trust his crazy sister.

King MelekiYah

Age: Dead (died at 58)

Skills: Warfare, Leadership, Planning

Likes: His wife, his city, Planet Paradise

Dislikes: The AliMan, being away from his wife

Brief History: King MelekiYah was King of one of the most powerful city states on Planet Paradise. He ruled with justice and fairness.

But, as fate would have it, Planet Paradise was conquered by slowly by another species, forcing HuMans to leave the planet.

He sent his wife to another planet, and defended Planet Paradise to the best of his ability but was overpowered.

Queen T’enikara

Age: Dead (died at 274… yes, 274 years old)

Skills: Wisdom, Leadership, Record Keeping

Likes: Her husband, the citizens

Dislikes: The AliMan

Brief History: Queen T’enikara was King MelekiYah’s wife. When Planet Paradise was conquered, King MelekiYah sent her away with several citizens to Earth where they were to repopulate, grow stronger, and when the time was right, return to their rightful homeland: Planet Paradise.

All they had to do was wait for King MelekiYah’s signal to return, but alas, the signal never came. Paris claims T’enikara to be her ancestor.


Age: Unknown

Skills: Strategy, Planning, Thinking on the fly, Psychological Warfare, Leadership

Likes: Himself, control, grape juice, money

Dislikes: Weak HuMans, Disobedience

Brief History: Not much is known about Ganda. He seemed to come out of nowhere years ago as a business tycoon.

He created his own corporation, and soon used debt to conquer most of the world. But his tyrannical and controlling ways lead to many rebellions.

As a result, he now is in search of total control and power of the HuMan race.