about Kapa ent.

KaPa ENT. is an independent video game publisher, started by Kaleb Parham. Kaleb Parham had been
developing games since 2008 as a hobbyist, but after several critically acclaimed but extremely under-
the-radar titles, Kaleb felt it was time that the world was exposed to his unique brand of game design.

Kapa ent Mission Statement

Through creativity and a focus on quality, we strive to create products and services that push
boundaries across all entertainment mediums. Our goal is to create experiences that are immersive and
inspiring in ways never thought possible.

kapa ent Vision statement

By continuously exploring new territory, we at KaPa ENT aim to be known and endeared by people and
respected globally as a leader in the entertainment industry.

List of kapa ent games

  • Buzz Kill Zero (2019) Windows PC
  • Panic Gem Odyssey (2021) Android



  • Head: Kaleb Parham
  • Mailing Address: Coming Soon
  • Founded: 2018

Privacy policy

KaPa ENT games and apps may require access to various folders on your device for the express purpose
of creating files. These files will have information about the game written to them or read from them in
order to save players scores, game progress, and settings.

Some KaPa ENT games and apps may also ask players to provide access to their social media accounts, in
order to create a more social experience, such as providing competitive and/or cooperative play,
creating a personalized experience, or allowing players to share information to their accounts. No
information is gathered from these social media accounts that is not explained beforehand to the player
in game

Furthermore, no personal information gathered from social media is funneled or sent to KaPa ENT or
KaPa ENT online website for any purposes and are not sold by us or to us by any 3 rd party.
KaPa ENT currently does not gather information outside of the games/applications developed by KaPa
ENT or the files these programs create, with the exception of the above-mentioned social media option.
The information we do not gather includes access to the camera, access to the microphone, access to
fingerprints, or access to cookies.

KaPa ENT does not gather any information outside of the Contact Us page, which is optional. No cookies
are saved to the website.
Regarding the emails provided on the Contact Us page, these addresses will receive periodic
promotional emails. Users may opt out of receiving any further emails upon request.